It is our responsibility for protecting earth evironmental which humen and animal live on

There are many small toys factory have been broking from 2018 since environmental assessment in China.We have investeor nearly Million’s RMB to install the equipment as like as picture shows,This equipment can dispose pollution water and gas which from Printing,Painting and injection processes.We are really happy our government to pay attention to solve this problem finally,But it is really a disaster for the small size of toys venders which without ability to meet environmental assessment requests.They have no idea what they can do after their factory closed but hey really don’t have a budget to spend so much money to install the equipment.

We should start to protect earth more early.It is the only place we can live on.Rencent years,We usuall read the news about plastic harming animal’ events from many countries.This is not only the problem for animals but also for human beings,plants and other biology.It really serious problem to us.

Now it is time to return to earth,She is as like as our mother to give us too much but we never try to understanding how hard is she.

We know it is really hard to stop to use plastic products for now even in the future because it is a very important element for our life and every industrial.But we can reduce consumption for toys, entertainment, disposable items etc.

We have become more and more extravagant with high speed development economic,We always try to meet every requriements from our kids and think that is a true love for them.So that our kids have keeping many toys even something they never interested.They are a child,They don’t have a correct indication to judge what items they really need,But as their parents,We blindly to satisfy them even to be spoil.We try to give our all love for them but it is really not a good idear,They will be formed a habit to think about every thing just comes easy.They neve considera and understand how hard for their parents to do this.They may probably become a unthankful kids.

Let’s buy plastic toys depends on our real needs.